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Sunflower Seeds

The app that helps you to read

The solution to read in front of a screen!

SunflowerSeeds is an innovative way to read without tiring the eyesight. In addition, it's specially designed to people with dyslexia.

It's perfect to work and learn, because it's been optimized at maximum to be able to work and study without distractions nor long loading processes. Discover our new functions to optimize your productivity.

Interfaz del programa

Todo son ventajas

  • 100% free,

  • In constant development,
    so, your ideas are welcome!

  • As light as a butterfly

You'll fall in love with its functionalities

  • Character recognition.
    Fast and accurate.

  • Change text format.
    Futhermore, you can change the color to confusing letters.

  • Text to speech.
    Relax while you listen the text.

Collaborate, if you want

Sunflower Seeds is a non-profit and opensource project. Currently, we're searching for ideas to add new funcitonalities to the app. That's why we want you to feel free to write us for any suggestion.

You can also collaborate by sharing our project in forums and social media. If you write any review about our app, please be realistic.

Finally, you can also collaborate by helping in programming. There's no need to have a good programming level to be able to help.

If you collaborate, world will be thankful with you. We'll also do.

Thankful with

These entities and projects helped SunflowerSeeds to grow up, by directly or indirectly. We're very grateful with all of them.

App tutorial

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